Maine site for second land based farm


A SECOND company has unveiled plans to build a huge indoor land based salmon farm in the US east coast state of Maine.
The company is Whole Oceans, which has signed an agreement to purchase a large part of a redundant paper mill site in the small coastal community of Bucksport (population 4,924).
Just a month ago the Norwegian aquaculture company Nordic Aquafarms said it was investing $500 million to build one of the world\’s largest land based salmon farms in the Maine coastal town of Belfast.
Whole Oceans said it has been researching its project and looking for a suitable site for the past six years.
CEO Rob Piasio, who grew up in Maine, has promised that his facility will be a state-of-the-art recirculating aquaculture system.
‘When in full production Whole Oceans will create hundreds of direct jobs and invest more than $250 million in Bucksport.
‘Over time, Whole Oceans’ mission is to capture 10 per cent of the US Atlantic salmon market using only earth friendly technologies.
‘We will create hundreds of jobs and cement Maine’s leadership in the future of land based aquaculture.
‘To execute our plan, we have assembled a team of global leaders in land based technology, including Billund Aquaculture based in Denmark and the Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute in West Virginia.
‘The Whole Oceans team brings together the world’s longest and unmatched track record of success.’
A Whole Oceans press statement added: ‘RAS is an entirely land based technology that optimises growing conditions that help fish thrive.
‘Water is continuously recycled through ultra purification systems, creating a clean, healthy growing environment that eliminates the use of antibiotics. The result is an earth friendly, superior grade salmon.’
Piasio added: ‘The time for RAS has arrived and Whole Oceans will make Bucksport a global leader in sustainable Atlantic salmon production.
‘But this story is much bigger than just Whole Oceans. This story is also about the resiliency and determination of towns throughout Maine that make projects like this possible.
‘Whole Oceans is entering a long term partnership with the community of Bucksport, a responsibility we accept with the greatest care, and together we will strive to make Whole Oceans a source of pride every single day.’


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