Best January yet for cod prices


COD, especially the fresh variety, was the main driver behind Norway\’s strong export showing in January, figures from the Norwegian Seafood Council show.
The country sold 5,700 tonnes of fresh cod, including the high quality and seasonal skrei variety, last month to a value of NOK 232 million.
Volumes were up by 1,500 tonnes or 37 per cent while the value rose by an even more impressive 45 per cent (NOK 9 million) to NOK 47 million (26 per cent). Of this, skrei sales totalled NOK 30 million, a rise of 45 per cent on a year ago.
Frozen cod fared less better although revenues were up. Exports totalled 7,900 tonnes worth NOK 273 million. The volume fell by nine per cent or 786 tonnes while the value rose by three per cent or NOK 7 million.
Seafood Council analyst Ingrid Kristine Pettersen said sales were helped by good weather, adding that prices in January were far higher than the average during the whole of 2017.
On the pelagic front, strong demand from Germany and Lithuania saw herring sales total 33,500 tonnes to a value of  NOK 322 million, up by 8,300 tonnes or 33 per cent in volume and NOK 26 million or nine per cent in value.
Mackerel exports, however, declined by 5,000 tonnes or 20 per cent to a total of 33,500 tonnes worth NOK 245 million, down by NOK 62 million ( also down 20 per cent).


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