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FIAP’s SolarFeeder shines

FIAP has announced another innovation, in the form of the FIAP profifeed SolarFeeder. The multi-purpose profifeed SolarFeeder is designed to impress with its user-friendly design, numerous functions and a perfect […] Continue Reading

Providing underwater clarity

Step changes in seabed monitoring could establish new regulatory standards A new research and development project, recently funded by the Seafood Innovation Fund, is set to transform the way seabed […] Continue Reading


The mobile phone app that puts vessel maintenance and compliance in the palm of your hand The BOATCHECKS app is aimed at small commercial boat operators who wish to run […] Continue Reading

Tougher than ever

A new high-pressure water jet pump for aquaculture net cleaning — the NLB AQ3250 — introduces several new features that enhance performance and reliability, with more resistance than ever to […] Continue Reading