Young's champions seafood with product launch

YOUNG’S Seafood has kicked off Seafood Week with the launch of five new products under its successful Gastro brand.
The Gastro range is now worth more than £60 million a year to the company and was introduced some years ago with the aim of bringing restaurant quality fish into the supermarket.
It may also become part of Young’s recently announced debut into the United States retail market.
The new products will be available in major UK retailers next month and consist of three Gastro Fish Bakes and two Gastro ‘Melting Middle’ Fishcakes.
Young’s marketing director Yvonne Adam said: ‘As the UK’s leading fish and seafood manufacturer, our mission is to inspire people to love fish, and Seafood Week is an excellent opportunity to do just that.
‘These new additions to our Gastro brand, which is the UK’s number one premium frozen fish brand, provide more great ways to enjoy restaurant quality fish straight from the freezer.
‘As an island nation, eating fish and seafood is part of our tradition and national identity yet, incredibly, we consume a lot more meat than fish per person every year.
‘We know it’s good for us; we like it and in fact we choose it a lot in restaurants, and we know there are so many effortless ways to enjoy it.’