Top UK chef joins Norway seafood team

TOP chef Michel Roux junior has joined the Norwegian seafood campaign to promote Skrei, a species of Arctic cod praised for its lean flesh qualities.
Skrei is the jewel in the Norwegian seafood crown and, over the past few years, the seafood sector has put a lot of effort into raising its profile in the UK.
Norway has also registered the name SKREI® as a trademark. It also has a distinct and attractive taste and is said to have an exceptionally high nutritional value.
This winter’s activity is set to be the biggest and best yet, with Michel Roux Jr coming on board as Norway’s UK ambassador.
He hosted the media launch event at the Norwegian Ambassador’s residence recently and joined the annual press trip to the Skrei grounds west of Tromsø, Brensholmen and Senja.
Roux, who is a two-star Michelin chef, plans to share some of his own special recipes and will be featuring Skrei on the menus of his prestigious restaurants.
The Norwegian Seafood Council said: ‘We’re also securing listings in 100 of the UK’s other top restaurants – including several Michelin-starred establishments – and as with last year activity will be supported extensively through social media.
A key objective for the Norwegian Seafood Council is to raise the profile of the Norge brand in the UK, and hence drive preference and frequency of consumption of Norwegian seafood.
So it is delighted to have landed rights to become the official sponsor of the Good Food channel’s ‘Cooking Inspirations’ strand of programming in 2015.
The council added: ‘It’s an exciting first foray into this medium for us, and we can’t wait to report back on the hopefully excellent results this time next year.’