Successful 2014 for Grimsby packaging company

LOOKING back over the last 12 months, PPS acknowledge it has a lot to celebrate when reflecting back on 2014.
As more customers are engaging in the positive switch to Returnable Packaging, the company is delighted to report a consistent achievement of over 20 per cent year on year growth, with 2015 set to be even higher as a result of our recent investment in the infrastructure and strategic planning at both the Grimsby and Midlands plants.
PPS East in Grimsby, who largely manages returnable packaging for major UK seafood processors, can report on a fantastic and successful year as they were nominated for two Northern Lincolnshire Business Awards for Economic Investment and Innovation.
Deservedly they took home the trophy for Innovation due to the fact they have grown by diversifying into new niche areas.
The company has helped reduce the need for using one-trip polystyrene boxes for the transportation of fresh fish, which ends up as a waste product in the area.
They have also started providing supply chain support services, including delivering their returnable fish boxes all the way to Iceland and Norway for fish suppliers to use for delivery into the UK market.
As the Grimsby site went from strength to strength, PPS invested in a new industrial box washing line and additional returnable equipment for its box and pallet pools, which saw it win a another new two-year contract with the Grimsby giant Young’s Seafood to hygienically clean vital equipment in the fast moving consumer goods sector.
Following this, another new contract was signed by expanding fresh fish processor, Jaines Seafood, for the rental and washing of specially sourced fillet trays for the next 3 years – the longest rental contract for the Grimsby site to date.
Another major achievement during 2014 was the move of the midlands warehouse to Marchington, a site three times the size of the previous depot in order to enable it to meet increasing industry demand from its existing and new potential customers, whilst staying ahead of the game.
A large financial investment commitment has also been made in terms of staff, machinery and equipment, whilst expanding its dedicated repairs division.
It’s also been a very social year, with the company having exhibited at Foodex, showcasing its Returnable Packaging services to the food industry, and the Movers and Storers Show demonstrating their crate hire range.
Managing Director Joanne Moss, reported: ‘2014 was an exciting year for all of us at PPS, with the team worked tirelessly to put the new infrastructure in place to enable the business to grow.
‘We are enthusiastic about the environmental and financial benefits of returnable packaging and are looking forward to welcoming new customers on board in 2015.’
15kg boxes  plastic pallet (2)