Seafood Grimsby plans new promotional strategy

SEAFOOD Grimsby and Humber is planning a multi-pronged strategy to promote its message across the country.
The marketing organisation was set up in conjunction with the Grimsby Fish Merchants Association last year to fly the flag for the Humber seafood sector.
At a recent board meeting, it was agreed to set up a special website with the aim of promoting Grimsby fish and food produced in the town generally.
And Seafood Grimsby and Humber, which has the backing of Seafish, will feature prominently at the European Seafood Expo in Brussels this spring, where it will form part of a wider English seafood promotion and it will also be an integral part of the Wold Seafood Congress being held in Grimsby in September.
But perhaps the most innovative measure is to use the power of Grimsby’s 60-strong fish van fleet to take the message across Britain.
Every week, more than 60 vans leave Grimsby with fresh fish to sell in various corners of the country.
They have largely replaced the traditional high street fishmonger in many towns. The total value of their business is thought to be worth more than £10 million a year.
They proudly display the term ‘Grimsby Fish’ on their vehicle to emphasise the quality and variety of what they sell.
Simon Dwyer, a member of the Seafood Grimsby and Humber board, said they represented a potentially unique and powerful marketing force.
Chief executive Steve Norton said the vans and the products they carried were of a very high standard and were very often the public face of Grimsby seafood for many consumers.
Other initiatives include possible new seafood apprenticeships to encourage more young people into the industry.
The brand was also heavily flagged up at last week’s North Atlantic Seafood Forum in Norway.