Scottish Premiere of Seafish processing film

SEAFISH, the UK industry authority on seafood, screened its Scottish premiere of its new film, ‘The Business of Processing’, exploring the multi-billion pound seafood processing industry last night (19 Nov) to an invited audience from the industry.
The screening, at The Scotsman Hotel theatre in Edinburgh, provided a perfect opportunity for the UK seafood industry to get a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges the processing sector faces in turning the seafood, that is landed and imported into the UK, into products for public consumption in the foodservice sector and at home.

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Image from the film

Guest speaker for the evening was Callum Richards of The Bay Fish & Chip Shop, Stonehaven, and winner of the 2013 National Fish & Chip Awards, Independent Takeaway Fish and Chip Shop of the Year.
Calum is passionate about the issues of sustainability and responsible sourcing, which has led The Bay to become the first fish and chip shop to achieve Marine Stewardship Council chain of custody accreditation for the North Sea haddock it sells – assuring customers of sea to plate traceability.
Produced by Seafish, the film builds on the success of last year’s ‘The Business of Fishing’, which focused on the UK’s catching sector.
The Business of Processing explores the economic and market pressures that drive innovation in the industry, and takes a look at the crucial steps in fish products journey from the sea to our tables.
Profiling processing facilities in the north-west of Scotland, Grimsby and the south-west of England, the film gives business owners and managers in other parts of the supply chain a better understanding of the unique challenges seafood processing presents across the UK.
Overall, the collaborative message aims to demonstrate how a united UK seafood industry can gain an even greater share of the global market.
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Image from the film

Paul Williams, Chief Executive at Seafish, who welcomed the new film also thanked those involved for telling their stories, said: ‘After the huge success of last year’s ‘The Business of Fishing’ it is fantastic that we are able to provide a candid look into another vital stage in the supply chain.
‘This film gives a fresh insight into seafood processing and the people behind the industry. The film delves into the processing industry across the UK and tells the story of those who continue to drive progress towards the demystification of the supply chain and a more efficient, sustainable and profitable seafood industry.
‘We hope that ‘The Business of Processing’ will help policy-makers, retailers and consumers alike have a greater understanding of the business aspects of the seafood supply chain.’
Featured in the film is Scottish processor, Aberdeen-based Nolan’s Seafoods. Speaking on behalf of Nolan’s, Managing Director, Derek Hutchins said:
‘The UK seafood processing sector is full of innovation and creativity and we are delighted that Scotland continues to play a key role in this film in shining a light on the industry.
‘It is very important to us that our customers are aware of the level of investment and staff training we put in to constantly improve what we do.
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‘We see it as a big demonstration of commitment to our customers who we look forward to supplying for many years to come.
‘The collaborative message promoted by The Business of Processing is instrumental to the amazing service the processing sector provides. A productive and open relationship with suppliers and distributers ensures that the future remains bright.’
The film will be publically released on the Seafish YouTube Channel on 1 December.