Norway hosts UK chippy winners

A GROUP of British fish and chip shop owners have just returned from a fact finding mission to Norway to find out where their raw material comes from and how it is caught and processed.
They were drawn from the finalists in the last UK National Fish and Chip Awards.
A rough estimate shows that at least 25 per cent of all fish sold in the UK have Norwegian origin. The country is clearly a major supplier to this sector, and its seafood companies have made no secret that they would like to sell even more.
The UK is (in value) the fifth largest market for Norwegian whitefish, and so far this year, 15,268 tonnes of haddock and 10,956 tonnes of cod have been exported from Norway to the UK.
The British visitors were taken on board a fishing boat called Geir II and were impressed with what they saw.
Natasha Anastasiou, the owner of Burton Road Chippy in Lincoln, said: ‘People today are very concerned about sustainability and where their food comes from.
‘I was very impressed with the way the fish was handled on the fishing boat and we saw just how far the Norwegians have come in terms of sustainability and commitment. It is way out in front of other countries.’
Nick Miller, who owns Millers Fish & Chips near York and who represented north-east England in this year’s competition, said: ‘The great thing is that the fishing vessel owners are made up of family companies – just like many of us. I am the fourth generation family member of my own business.’
The UK National Fish and Chip Awards are now the main annual showpiece event for this part of the fast food sector, which is why Norway invites the finalists to look at its fishing industry each year.
The Norwegian Seafood Council said: ‘Winning this competition is very important in the UK and it helps to raise the profile of the fish and chip business.’
Picture: The British fish and chip shop winning finalists in Norway