New chairman for Grimsby Fish Market company

GRIMSBY Fish Market has a new chairman. He is Charles Marr, who has an extensive fishing background and he takes over from local Grimsby solicitor Richard Robinson, who is retiring after 13 years in the post.
Richard Robinson has helped steer England’s largest and most important fresh fish market through some interesting and occasionally difficult times.
He has travelled widely to promote the industry including visiting Iceland where the Grimsby market gets most of its fish.
Martyn Boyers, chief executive of Grimsby Fish Dock Enterprises, the company which manages the market, told Fish Update:
‘Richard has done a marvellous job and we are going to miss him. But all good things have to come to an end at some time. But we have an excellent replacement.’
It is not that Charles Marr is stepping into something completely new. He has been deputy chairman of Grimsby Fish Dock Enterprises for at least 13 years.
He is also chairman of the J Marr & Co group, which was once a name synonymous with Hull’s deep sea trawling industry.
But now it has interests in other areas related to the fishing and food industry, including ice making, logistics vessel management and cold storage.
Many people would also be surprised to learn that the mineral water served in some of the UK’s most sophisticated restaurants comes from the J Marr Group.
Charles Marr also takes over at a time when the Grimsby market has just received the all-important British Retail Consortium A-rating, which signifies that its facilities are of the highest standards.
The new Grimsby Fish Market opened in 1996 after being rebuilt at a cost of £15 million, and underwent a £1.2 million upgrade in 2012. Its strength is its long established buying power organised through the FMA.
It re-opened two weeks ago after the Christmas break to good supplies and firm prices, although bad weather on the fishing grounds has affected landings in the last few days.