Marel launches SmartLine Grader

Marel Pic 117The new SmartLine Grader series is a revolution in hygienic grading for the fish, meat and poultry industries.
The SmartLine Grader offers maximum hygiene capabilities. It has an IP69K rating, and its open frame design and minimal horizontal surfaces ensure maximum hygiene during high-pressure wash-down. The strip-down time for cleaning has been vastly reduced, resulting in minimal downtime.
As well as being super hygienic, the SmartLine is fast and highly accurate. With its complete modular design, the SmartLine can be configured to meet your grading needs.
The SmartLine also features a comprehensive, real-time reporting function that gives the operator a complete overview of the production process.
Marel is excited to be launching the new SmartLine Grader series and offering its customers a revolution in hygienic grading, along with the combination of speed and accuracy, and the flexibility in grading and batching that meet the needs of the food processing industry.