Mackerel on menu as UK bids to overcome Russia ban

mackerel - 117SEAFISH is planning a major promotional campaign in order to promote  mackerel more attractive  and  its health benefits to UK consumers.
The development follows the Russian ban on UK fish exports, which is chiefly mackerel and said to be worth around £17-million a year. Salmon worth a further £1-million was also shipped to Russia before the ban was imposed two weeks ago. It is hoped the measures will help compensate for this loss as well as attract more UK consumers towards mackerel.
The industry watchdog organisation wants to highlight mackerel as a valuable  source of omega-3 and may well   promote other types of seafood at the same time. Seafish  However, we will continue to promote mackerel and the omega-3 messages through its  ongoing digital and media activity in the run  up to the main launch in October.
This will include continued work with nutritionist Juliette Kellow to promote the omega-3 factsheet and add messages on the importance of pregnant women boosting omega-3 levels. A list of all the mackerel recipes is being put together with  messages on health, price and versatility . A number of other initiatives, both short  term and longer term are in the pipeline.
A short term market support strategy in South East is planned by Seafish at a number of events which began at the Tokyo Seafood Show this week and will continue at the Asia Seafoods Expo in Hong Kong early next month where Seafish will have a stand with the brand Seafood From Britain.
Probably the most important Expo is China Fisheries at Quindao in November when all main four pelagic processors will be there as part of the UK pavilion. A presence at Seoul in South Korea is planned April next year.