Iceland promotes new style in cod

THE marketing organisation Promote Iceland has been focusing its attention on the Spanish market in a bid to increase its fish export to that part of Europe. Spain  has now overtaken the UK as the biggest market for Iceland cod.
The main thrust was at the recent  Fitur tourism fair in Madrid where several Icelandic companies were exhibiting. But they won over the crowds with one of the country’s seafood delicacies known as Icelandic Bacalao. It is a form of salted cod known for its purity and quality of  taste. Salted fish is particular popular on the Iberian peninsular.
Visitors to the fair were offered Bacalao tapas made by Spanish chefs, but using Icelandic fish. The tasting was a part of the marketing project  called “Taste and share the secret of Icelandic bacalao“,  – a co-operation between Promote Iceland and Icelandic companies which produce and sell salted cod products.
The organisers said visitors to the stand were very interested in Iceland and fascinated by the taste of Icelandic bacalao. The combination of Iceland’s beautiful nature and quality fresh cod, sustainably sourced from Icelandic waters, was well received by Spanish consumers.
Bacalao  was originally the product of  the people of isolated fishing villages in Iceland  who have worked together to create the delicacy The hallmark of quality of Icelandic Bacalao is that it has been chosen to be a part of tradition and social gatherings for generations.
With an increased cod quota over the past three or four years Iceland is attempting to find new markets for its catch and seems to be tailoring its products to suit the tastes of a particular region or country.
Meanwhile, the President of Iceland, Mr. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson has paid a visit to Icelandic Iberica office in Barcelona  where he not only met with the employees but also had the chance to see first hand the activity developed by Icelandic Iberica in the Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese markets. The visit very much had a business focus.