Iceland herring season off to slow start

THE Iceland herring season has got off to a slow start, but there are hopes activity will pick up on the days ahead.
HB Grandi, one of the country’s main pelagic fishing companies, reported recently that things were quiet and there was not a lot to be seen so far.
Gudlaugur Jónsson, skipper of the vessel Venus RE, said he managed 400 tons on one day but ideally he would like to have been taking 1,000 tons back to the company base at Vopnafjördur.
Fishing for  Icelandic summer-spawning herring started last  around two weeks ago. the skipper said: ” ‘There was some good fishing a little way further north a couple of days ago, but it didn’t last.
The skipper reported a few days ago: “Now there isn’t much to see and the herring we are aware of is tight on the bottom. There isn’t anything to be seen that we can catch,” adding that the herring so far have been very good quality, with an average weight of 300 to 330 grammes.
Meanwhile, another Grandi boat, the Lundey NS has docked with  around 660 tonnes of Icelandic summer-spawning herring on board. The fish were caught in four hauls west of Gardsskagi and in the Jökull Deeps.
Skipper Albert Sveinsson said while there had been signs of herring off the west coast, there were few strong signs to be seen. He added: ”
It doesn’t look very encouraging at the moment but now that there is more of a fleet at sea, we should be able to get more of a picture of where the fish are. The herring are good quality, large fish and should be perfect for processing, but it wouldn’t do any harm if the fishing could be better.”
Meanwhile,  the company’s fresh fish trawler Ásbjörn for saithe and redfish says progress has been slow due to poor weather and other factors.