Grimsby seafood skills school ready to open

WORK is almost complete on a new Seafood Skills Training School at the Grimsby Seafood Village.
Thanks to support from Seafish, European Fisheries Fund and North East Lincolnshire Council, the facility features a ground floor practical area in which filleting, knife skills and display skills can be practised.
On the second floor are seminar rooms complete with IT, WiFi and presentation equipment. The facility will be available to independent trainers and the first short course will take place immediately before the August Bank Holiday weekend in advance of an official opening in September.
Ivan Jaines-White, Commercial Manager for the Seafood Village and the man behind the project, said: ‘I have said many times in the past it is important we hone existing skills and train people up in new skills.
‘Many experienced fish workers are approaching retirement age and it is vital that the Grimsby seafood sector attracts and trains young people otherwise we will be building up skills shortage problems for the future.’
Jaines-White said the contribution that local trades have made to the project was recognised by the co-operation he had received from various suppliers.
With funding only confirmed at the end of May and work commencing immediately afterwards, the results had been ‘a fantastic effort on the part of local enterprise working together’, said Jaines-White.
He added: ‘Fourteen trades and areas of expertise have been involved and of those I have only found it necessary to go beyond the North East Lincolnshire boundary for two of those suppliers.
‘This is good for local business and good for the local economy – local enterprise has a lot to be proud of and I’m very grateful for their contribution.’
Grimsby Seafood Village was opened at a cost of £3-million two years ago, the brainchild of three local fish merchants: Peter Dalton, Gary Cadey and Lea Kirwin.
It has since delivered the message that Grimsby remains a powerful force in fish processing. Jaines-White said when he put the training school concept to the directors they immediately gave it their full backing.