Grimsby fish top dog at Crufts!

GRIMSBY fish in a somewhat unusual form last week helped to put a shine on the coats of dogs competing at Crufts.
The Grimsby pet treat manufacturer Tower Pet Products has just launched the world’s first Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable dog treats at Crufts.
The new Sea Treats Fish Skin Jerky pet products for dogs are made using dried fish skins sourced from MSC certified sustainable fisheries.
This means that the treats can be traced back to an independently verified sustainable source.
Tower Pet Products are well known in the Grimsby area, and in the dog treat industry, for their Mariner’s Choice range.
The fish skins are a nutritious product left over from skinning cod and haddock used for human consumption, and make good use of an otherwise under-utilised part of the fish.
All of them can be traced back to MSC certified sustainable fisheries in the North East Atlantic.
A natural dental aid, Fish Skin Jerky is also low in fat, using only the best managed fresh, raw materials sourced from responsible suppliers.
Tracy George, business development director of Sea Treats, said: ‘As a group of seafood experts and championship show dog exhibitors, breeders and judges, we know we have excellent products delivering fantastic health benefits for our pets.
‘We’re delighted that Sea Treats now also carry the MSC’s ‘Certified Sustainable Seafood label’ – a world first – which means we’re also looking after the oceans while we look after our dogs.
‘As a leading pet seafood company, we wanted to bring the same health benefits and quality fish to our pets now and in the future, applying the same standards as we expect in the human supply chain.’
In fact, some of the company’s directors have shown their dogs at Crufts in the past.
The company employs 12 people and has two bases, one in the Grimsby Seafood Village and another on the docks.