Consumers told frozen fish cuts food waste

CONTINUING with its environmental agenda, Birds Eye, Britain’s second larger frozen fish company, has launched a £2 million campaign to tell consumers that frozen food can reduce food waste and save them a lot of money.
The campaign, called ‘iFreeze, iSave’, was launched in London last week using a 20-foot billboard with a large fish symbol, made of ice and containing money, which was given away.
It used a four-tonne block of ice containing around  £700 in coins and notes which, it says, is the amount the average family wastes every year on non-frozen food.
The campaign is also supported by Love Food Hate Waste, Hotpoint and the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF).
Birds Eye says it hopes the campaign will educate people as to how their freezer can help put money back in their pocket.
Birds Eye sells a large number of fish products, and seafood is highlighted as one of the main commodities where waste can be eliminated and money saved.
At the London launch, passers-by were able to collect the money as the ice billboard melted during the day.
The campaign will be backed by television, in-store and digital promotions over the coming year.
Andy Weston-Webb, Birds Eye UK managing director, said: ‘We’re incredibly excited by this campaign as we understand the pressures families are under to save money.
‘Reducing food waste by making the most of the freezer will not only help families to do so but it will also help the UK to become more sustainable and resourceful, something we’re very proud to be a part of.’