Young's secures £1.34m in grant funding to secure Grimsby jobs

YOUNG’S Seafood is to receive around £1.34 million to help safeguard 250 jobs  and possibly create 200 more in Grimsby, it was announced last night.
The regional grant funding money has been secured by the local  North East Lincolnshire Council which has been working hard with the company to protect its Grimsby operation.
A statement said it would help Young’s with its plans to develop the Grimsby sites. Young’s chief executive Pete Ward has also welcomed the cash injection.
Two months ago Young’s announced it had lost a large Sainsbury’s salmon processing contract to rivals Marine Harvest, which put jobs in Grimsby and at Fraserburgh and Spey Valley in Scotland at risk.
The company has since met the Scottish government on the issue. Jobs are certain to go, and the locations will probably be announced at the end of this month. Fraserburgh is hoping that  at least 250 jobs  in the town can be saved.
North East Lincolnshire  Council leader Ray Oxby, said: ‘This is great news and it goes a very long towards securing jobs in Grimsby. Of course we be totally certain because we don’t know what the Scottish Government has offered the company securing . But I am very hopeful.
‘The food and seafood industry is incredibly important to North East Lincolnshire in terms of jobs, companies and reputation and we’ve been working extremely hard behind the scenes to help support Youngs in their projects.
‘Using these funds will have significant benefits for North East Lincolnshire. Not only does this mean that the funds will be kept locally, the immediate future of Young’s Seafood Limited will hopefully be secured. Young’s are a key part of the local fabric of our community, and we want to make sure that continues for many years to come.
“Locally, more than 5, 000 people are employed in the (seafood) sector, and that’s why it’s one of our key focuses for investment support. We said when the announcement was made about Young’s losing a major contract that we would do all we could to provide assistance and give the seafood sector whatever support we’re able to as a local authority to secure jobs in the area.
“With the help of the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, we’ve been true to our word and now we’ll be working with Young’s to ensure their future, and that of their workforce, remains secure in Grimsby.”
Pete Ward, Chief Executive of Young’s Seafood Limited, said: “This is a very welcome development. We would like to thank everyone who has been involved in tirelessly working to seek access to these funds .
‘We now need to review the details and discuss this development with the appropriate stakeholders as part of the consultation process taking place following the news of the loss of a contract earlier this year.
‘The formal consultation process we are engaged in at our Fraserburgh and Spey Valley sites in Scotland will take at least, as a minimum, 45 days which means that no final decisions, on the next moves that we make, can be taken until the end of August.’
George Krawiec, chairman of Seafood Grimsby and Humber, said: ‘This is good news. I am sure the government recognises the importance of the seafood cluster and fish processing industry  to this area. I would like to congratulate the council and our two local MPs who have put pressure on the government to give this assistance and I am sure to will help the cluster.’
Seafood Grimsby and Humber chief executive Steve Norton said: ‘I am really pleased for Young’s and their employees. The Government has come to the rescue. I believe it to be a wise investment  by George Eustice (UK Fisheries Minister) who recognises the importance of seafood to the economic well being of North East Lincolnshire.’