Young's Gastro range worth £44m a year

YOUNG’S Seafood revealed today that its Gastro sub-brand has grown by more than 50 per cent during the past year and is now worth over £44 million.
The restaurant inspired dishes have attracted £20 million incremental value to frozen fish, breathing new life into categories that have seen some shoppers leave, such as battered fish (Nielsen & Kantar 52 weeks to January 31, 2016).
Young’s says it is now launching products to attract even more shoppers to frozen fish, with two new limited edition Gastro Coated options.
Now in store, they are Gastro 2 Smoky Paprika Tempura Battered Basa Fillets and Gastro 2 Lightly Dusted Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Cod Fillets, both available in Asda.
The new coated options are perfect for ‘date night’, the theme of Young’s multi-channel advertising campaign, and are designed to provide more variety
Yvonne Adam, marketing director at Young’s Seafood, said: ‘Everything we do is about making the best fish simple and delicious, supporting our mission of encouraging people to eat more fish.
‘Gastro has been a huge success, attracting more shoppers to try frozen fish, and we’re now looking to encourage even more people to try seafood with our new innovation.’
Pete Ward, chief executive of Young’s Seafood, said: ‘We’re pleased with the phenomenal growth of Gastro, which is now worth over £44 million, and its success in drawing in more new shoppers to try frozen fish.’
Young’s says it has also been developing new feel-good food, to help shoppers add variety to their weekly menu.
‘By providing seafood that is perfect for sharing and entertaining, Young’s is opening up opportunities for consumers to eat more fish,’ said the company.
Young’s Crispy Prawns, also launching at the end of February, have been created for dipping and sharing at parties and at home.