World’s first ASC certified scallops set to hit the market

AcuaPesca Group is the first bivalve farm to offer its customers Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certified scallops. The Peru based business achieved the coveted ASC certification this week for five of its scallop farms, proving its environmental and socially responsible practices.
‘We have many customers globally who have been eager for us to achieve ASC certification,’ said Carlos Goldin, president of AcuaPesca.
‘And, now our products carry the ASC label, we have a powerful story to tell our customers.
‘With growing pressure on the environment and our oceans, it becomes more important to help people recognise well managed production through a robust certification programme, which is what ASC does for us.
‘This is recognition by the most respected farm certification label of the efforts and care taken by our company to ensure that our resources are harvested in a responsible manner and our staff and the local community are cared for.’
Chris Ninnes, CEO of ASC, said: ‘AcuaPesca Group should be very proud of their achievements.
‘It is through their dedication and commitment to responsible aquaculture that they make a significant contribution to protecting our oceans and caring for the environment and community.
‘Demand for responsibly certified seafood has continued to grow; we now have over 2,000 approved products carrying the ASC logo.
‘I look forward to more companies committing to responsible aquaculture now that ASC certified scallops will be available in the market.’
AcuaPesca aims to supply around 2,000 tonnes of ASC certified scallops to customers across France, Italy, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and other markets.