UK fleet survey to start

SEAFISH is calling for vessel owners and skippers across the UK to participate in its annual economic survey of the UK fishing fleet.
Researchers will be starting on the Scottish and Northern Irish coasts and progressing down to England and Wales, where they will collect data on fishing and vessel costs in order to build an up-to-date picture of the UK fleet’s economic performance.
The results, to be published in 2017, are intended to help industry and policy makers better understand the socio-economic consequences of changes in fisheries management measures and the wider financial climate.
Following the historic Brexit vote and the first year of the landing obligation for some key species (which aims to stop the discarding of fish by 2019), this is an especially crucial time to gather data on the economic performance of the UK fishing fleet.
All vessel owners can benefit directly from participation by requesting a free financial performance benchmark report which allows comparisons with the average performance of other similar vessels.
Steve Lawrence, economics project manager, said: ‘Thanks to the participation of several hundred vessel owners, the Economics Team at Seafish has been able to accurately represent the economic performance of the UK fishing fleet for a number of years.
‘Only with the continued support of the UK fishing industry can we keep up this hugely valuable exercise, producing outputs that allow us to better understand the industry as a whole and to inform key decision makers.
‘Therefore, we would encourage skippers and boat owners from across the country to speak to our researchers and complete the survey so that we can present the most accurate picture possible.’
The survey is supported by the national federations and local associations around the UK. All information provided is treated as confidential and no individual vessel figures will be revealed in any report.
As well as the UK fleet report to be published next year, Seafish will publish its annual Quay Issues magazine later this year, which includes stories and features gathered by the researchers as part of the survey.