Strength in consultancy for aquaculture company

FOR several years, Mørenot has provided technical consulting services to sea-based aquaculture through its consultancy department in Mørenot Karmsund.
As part of the Group’s decision to further development this service to the aquaculture industry, the department was established as an independent company (Ltd.) within the Mørenot Group from 1 January 2015.
The company is now called Aqua Knowledge AS and has nine employees, with a base in Haugesund. The company’s core business is design and analysis of nets and mooring systems based on environmental details of each individual site.
Related business as installation or modification of equipment and assisting in site planning/locality applications towards public authorities are also done by the consultants.
The company is in charge of operating and developing the database service MMCD (Mørenot Main Component Database), which is currently actively used on approximately 150 fish farm sites for technical operations and maintenance.
‘Demerging and establishing a limited company gives Mørenot the opportunity to focus entirely on its task and also to grow in the most exciting and innovative sector of the aquaculture industry, says Yngve Askeland, CEO of Aqua Knowledge AS.
‘We have a unique expertise with a mixture of theoretical engineering knowledge and practical knowledge from farming fish and the service industry. High technical expertise is essential to plan, design, install and maintain farms to withstand extreme weather conditions on exposed sites.
‘Aqua Knowledge can help at every stage and already has a large customer base in Norway and Scotland, he continues.
The new company will also have a strong focus on R&D. The parent company has recently been awarded funding from the Research Council to develop better methods and tools for design and operation of exposed sites.
The project has a duration of two years and shall be conducted together with the industry and research institutions.
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