Smokehouse sale keeps jobs in Hebrides

A SMOKEHOUSE in Lochcarnan, South Uist, that closed in April has been bought and re-opened by its former production manager.
Iain MacRury acquired the outlet from Loch Duart and the smoking of salmon will resume within the next week or two. The new company will revive the Salar brand.
‘Salar will be open for business shortly,’ said MacRury, who lives in the area.
‘We plan to foster local trade and home delivery customers. Local sales have traditionally been very strong and there are home delivery customers ready to order – this will allow us to build on a solid base for the future.
‘I would like to thank Loch Duart for two things: firstly, helping me bring this deal to completion, and, secondly, turning away other offers, enabling this iconic business to be retained locally within the community.’
The main product from the Salar smokehouse will be the famous Flaky Salmon, smoked in a unique kiln using a closely guarded recipe.
The Salar smokehouse will employ six staff and continue to work on the quayside at Lochcarnan.
Loch Duart managing director Alban Denton said: ‘As local salmon farmers and former owners of the smokehouse, we had invested a great deal of effort in keeping this business operating within the South Uist community.
‘Loch Duart is still strongly committed to business within the Hebrides and continues to employ 22 full-time members of staff in its fish farming operations on North and South Uist.
‘We’re delighted to sell the smokehouse to a buyer in South Uist as we had feared that other potential buyers might have taken the brand and process to the mainland.’