Skipper’s swift action saves crew

HOLYHEAD Coastguard Operations Centre coordinated the rescue of three fishermen last night after their vessel started taking on water at the start of its fishing trip.
The fishing vessel Cesca reported that it was on route from Milford to Conwy and was taking on water.
The crew were using pumps to try and keep the level of water down but they weren’t able to keep up with the flow. As the situation got worse, they called the coastguard for assistance.
The RAF search and rescue helicopter based at RAF Valley was sent to the scene, but while trying to drop more pumps on the fishing vessel the Cesca’s engines stopped.
The captain made the decision to abandon ship and the crew were winched to safety.
HM Coastguard Robert Bowyer said: ’It’s often a difficult judgement call for any captain to call for assistance and even more difficult to leave his vessel, which is his livelihood.
‘By calling for assistance when he did the captain of the Cesca gave the rescue services time to get on scene and try and save his vessel.
‘Although they did have to abandon ship he and his crew are safe and well this morning.’