Seafood showcase heads to Grimsby

FOLLOWING the successful collaboration during the World Seafood Congress in 2015, the Grimsby Institute is once again joining forces with Seafish to bring an industry showcase to Grimsby.
It is designed to highlight training and the growth areas for future careers in the seafood sector.
‘The Future of Food’ event, which is also being sponsored by the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Seafood Training Network and partly funded by the European Social Fund, will be held at the Grimsby Institute on February 2.
Leading seafood and food specialists are preparing to showcase their industry to other employers and young people in the region.
Keynote speakers include food technologist Helen Munday, who will talk about ‘A Taste of Success’,  and Richard Askam, a marketing and branding expert who delivered the online ‘Share A Coke’ campaign in 2014 and the online Marmite campaign for Unilever in 2015.
Seafish has produced a seafood career film which will be shown at the event, along with other plans to assist with recruitment.
Gary Hooper, owner of GCH Fishmongers and representing the National Federation of Fishmongers, will be giving a series of fish demonstrations to both schoolchildren and college students during the day.
All seafood businesses are invited to attend and to exhibit, if possible, to help the delegates understand the diverse industry.
Julie Snowden, English account manager for Seafish, said: ‘We are excited to be working with the Grimsby Institute on this event.
‘We know many businesses in the seafood industry struggle to recruit and we need to encourage people into the sector.
‘The perception of the industry is often a barrier and we aim to overcome this on the day by showcasing all the different opportunities available in the seafood Industry.’