Scottish Fish Farm Production Survey 2013 published

MARINE Scotland Science today published the Scottish Fish Farm Production Survey 2013 Report.
The publication details statistics on the employment and production from Scottish fish farms. It is structured to follow industry trends within the farmed Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout and other species sectors.
Some statistics are given for the 21-year period 1993-2013.
The main findings are:
• Production of Atlantic salmon increased by 1,011 tonnes (0.6%) in 2013 to 163,234 tonnes. This is the highest recorded production since 2003 and follows on from a 2.7% increase in 2012.
• Production tonnage of rainbow trout decreased by 1% in 2013 to 5,611 tonnes. This follows on from a 22.8% increase in 2012.
• Brown trout/sea trout production increased by two tonnes to 44 tonnes in 2013.
The full statistical publication can be accessed at: