Saucy Fish opens first seafood online shop

THE Saucy Fish Co is going straight to its customers by launching the first major seafood online shop.
The Grimsby company’s products were surprisingly de-listed by Tesco last month despite its cool image and while it is still being sold by other major retailers, such as Sainsbury’s, the Co-op and Waitrose, the parent company Icelandic Seachill has decided to open a direct line.
It is also thought to be the first time that a national seafood brand, normally found on the chilled counters has been sold to the consumer online.
Amanda Webb, sales and marketing director, said: ‘Our mission at the Saucy Fish Co, is to get more people eating more fish, more often and with the launch of our new Saucy Shop we’re making buying fish even easier and accessible.
‘We decided to build the shop in response to the many calls and emails we receive from our loyal customers who can’t find us in store or want to explore our range further.
‘We’re excited to see how this will transform our business.’
Icelandic Seachill says it will deliver the Saucy Fish products – ranging from salmon and smoked haddock to fish cakes – direct to the door of customers for just a small a charge. The products will be packaged in chilled boxes to keep them fresh.
The brand is also probing overseas markets. Three months ago it launched into Belgium, its first European Union country.
And it is now being sold in one of the largest organic food retailers in the United States with a launch in 135 Whole Food Market stores across four regions.
Whole Foods is offering three Saucy products. It is also available in limited varieties in Australia and New Zealand.