Saucy Fish heading west!

THE Saucy Fish Co has made further inroads into the North American market by capturing important new listings in the midwest states and on the west coast.
The brand, which is already established in Canada and on the US east coast, has secured important contracts with the speciality food distributor Fortune Fish & Gourmet and the retailer Raley’s. Launched 17 years ago, Fortune Fish & Gourmet is one of the largest seafood distributors in the US and has more than 8,000 different products in its portfolio.
Raley’s has around 130 stores situated mostly in California and in other nearby western states and is stocking three Saucy Fish products in 110 of its outlets.
But midwest based Fortune Fish & Gourmet is stocking the Saucy Fish Co’s full range of frozen fillet and sauce combinations.
Midwest retailer Mariano’s, found in the greater Chicago area, has also stocked three frozen fish and sauce products.
Grimsby based Saucy Fish, a CoolBrand, has already made a splash on the east coast of America, with major listings in retailers such as Whole Foods Market, Publix and Hannaford.
The Saucy Fish Co’s international and business development manager, Paul Macis, said: ‘This is a very exciting time for Saucy. Our new listings with retailers Raley’s and Mariano’s, and distributor, Fortune Fish & Gourmet, enable us to take the full frozen range across the United States, inspiring new states to enjoy restaurant quality frozen fish and sauce at home.
‘It’s our mission to make frozen cooler by offering convenient, inspirational flavour combinations to a category that is often overlooked.
‘The frozen range has received so much praise from UK and Canadian consumers, so it is wonderful to see our products being so well received across the US.’