Royal fishmonger celebrates 300 years

FISHMONGER to the Queen, RR Spink & Sons, celebrates its 300th anniversary this year by teaming up with a Michelin-starred chef.
Mark Sargeant will become an ambassador for the company’s smoked trout and throughout the year will devise easy to prepare RR Spink & Sons recipes.
He said: ‘Smoked trout is a bit of a dark horse, often overshadowed by its big cousin, the smoked salmon.
‘What few people know is that smoked trout has a more delicate flavour and texture than salmon, making it a really versatile ingredient that can bring a dish together rather than steal the limelight.
‘In this landmark 300th year, RR Spink & Sons is in a unique position to champion delicious smoked trout. Come and join us for the celebration!’
Spink is also marking its anniversary by launching a limited edition of 300 smoked trout fillets, retailing at £300 each from a luxury food and drink retailer, due to be announced in the coming months.
Created by Spink’s resident chef, Scott Fraser, and drawing inspiration from the 300-mile journey between Loch Etive, where the trout is farmed, and Arbroath, Spink & Sons’ ancestral home, the unique recipe takes in native woodlands, whisky distilleries, fruit farms and marmalade producers found along the route.
The result is a delicately smoked fillet of Scottish trout, with flavours of oak, peat and soft fruits, which serve to complement – rather than mask – the authentic, loch-fresh flavours of the fish.
RR Spink & Sons chairman, Alastair Salvesen, said: ‘This is an opportunity to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the current and past generations, and a chance to encourage more people to discover and enjoy smoked trout.
‘While people are traditionally more familiar with Scottish smoked salmon, our ethically farmed smoked trout is more than a match and is delicious and packed full of healthy benefits.’