Processors and retailers agree Arctic deal

A NUMBER of leading fish processors and supermarkets have signed an agreement to protect the Arctic region from over fishing.
Names include Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Birds Eye and Young’s Seafood. They have agreed to work to stop suppliers from expanding cod fishing in the region, and industrial fishing in particular. The restaurant chain McDonald’s has also come on board.
The pact means that fishermen will not expand their cod fishing activities with trawl gear into those areas where fishing has not taken place before.
Under the terms arrangement – which spans the entire supply chain from sea to shelf – any fishing companies operating in Arctic waters will be prohibited from selling cod to the global agreement partners.
The agreement comes after an investigation by Greenpeace in March revealed that brands were taking advantage of melting Arctic ice to push further north with fleets of destructive giant bottom trawlers.
Using satellite tracking data, Greenpeace found that an increasing number of Russian and Norwegian trawlers had been fishing in the waters around Svalbard in the past three years.
Greenpeace UK campaigner Daniela Montalto said: ‘This is a major step in the right direction. This unprecedented alliance has today taken a stand for the fragile Arctic environment, and set an important precedent for other industries eyeing up this region.’