Prestigious Export Award for Loch Duart

LOCH Duart Ltd scooped an Export award at the prestigious Highlands and Islands Food and Drink Awards 2014, which took place at the Kingsmills Hotel, Inverness.
The company was also shortlisted for the Healthier Food & Drink Award.
The export award was won on the strength of its business in Dubai and the Middle East. After Loch Duart’s first exploration into Dubai in 2008, it became a target market.
Sales growth from zero to £750,000 in this market since 2011 is telling, although it fails to highlight the huge achievement of the prominence of the Loch Duart brand on the menu in the best restaurants in Dubai.
Other factors that won this important award are: the commitment of the distributor and the work Loch Duart’s sales department – making presentations directly to key customers, being the first to gain Halal approval for our feed and shortening the delivery time to market through new services out of Glasgow airport.
However, Loch Duart has always targeted export as a key component of its business. ‘Our success has been to raise our brand in markets all over the world,’ explained Andy Bing, Loch Duart’s Sales Director.
‘We have learnt that getting our name on the menus of top restaurants gives us the prestige to develop long-term contracts.’
Loch Duart salmon is now served from the United States of America to Japan and from South Africa to Italy.
‘This is not just a measure of our sales effort but a credit to all of the people who work in our company,’ added Bing.
In terms of healthy eating, Loch Duart believes that wholesome healthy food is critical for good health and a good diet.
The great value of salmon and fish like it is in the high levels of Omega 3 oils that you consume when you eat it.
To this end, Loch Duart’s fish are fed a specially selected diet to ensure the best health-giving properties in the fish when it reaches the people who consume our salmon, wherever they are in the world.
These qualities also give it a flavour that is rarely matched. The strategy of the farm is to grow food that gives a wonderful meal whilst making sure that the people that eat it get all the health benefits they should.
Loch Duart’s interest in the health benefits of salmon was cemented in 2007 through participation in research with the Department of Human Nutrition at Glasgow University Hospital.
This clinical study was published in 2007 in a leading medical journal and revealed the significant health benefits of eating salmon.
Coordinated by Scottish Quality Salmon, all the salmon supplied came from the farm at Loch Duart. The study showed that, when compared with subjects who had no fish in their diet, those who ate 125g portions of omega-3 rich farmed Atlantic salmon daily showed that showed a 25 per cent reduced risk of coronary heart disease.
The Nutrition Analytical Service at the University of Stirling’s Institute of Aquaculture was commissioned in 2014 to carry out fatty acid analysis of salmon samples [five farmed Atlantic (salmo salar) and one wild Pacific (oncorhynchus keta)] from UK fish retailers.
In this analysis, Loch Duart’s salmon had the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids, twice the levels of the Norwegian sample tested.