Over 30 million fish lost in volcano eruption

CHILE’S National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service confirmed that 30.86 million fish were lost in the Calbuco volcano eruption in April, FIS reported.
There were 61 active fish farms and 15 centres in the lake during the freshwater phase of salmon farming in Los Lagos Region, according to the Report on Aquaculture for Contingency issued by the organisation.
Due to the impact of the eruption, it was necessary to perform emergency movements of the farmed products and in some cases the producers had to cope with the total loss of their productions.
There were 21 licensed fish farms within a 20 km exclusion radius from the volcano. Out of that total, 10 fish farms were active before the eruption, and were operated by nine companies that were farming broodstock, eggs, fry and smolts.
During the week from 20 to 26 April, out of those 10 fish farms there were three farms, operated by the companies Marine Harvest ChileAquacultivos and AquaGen Chile, that recorded total losses.
The decline in these facilities amounted to 17.49 million fish, including broodstock, eggs and fry of Atlantic salmon, Pacific salmon and rainbow trout.
The report noted that, in total, eight companies were affected by the volcanic eruption: AquaChile, Invermar, CermaqSalmones Caleta BayTrusal, Marine Harvest, Camanchaca and Salmones Pacific Star (operated by AquaGen Chile).