Norway to catch young consumers

THE old Jesuit maxim that if you catch children at an early age you have them for life is being taken up by Norway’s Ministry of Fisheries in a bid to encourage seafood consumption among the young.
The ministry has announced that it is making available six million kroners (about £500,000 or 600,000 euros). The money will be used to fund various projects to teach children about fish and how to enjoy it.
Fisheries minister Per Sandberg said: ‘We know that children and young people should eat more fish. It is important to show that seafood is good for the young.
‘We should be prepared to spend money on giving young people a good diet. It is one of the most important investments we can make for the future.
‘It is well documented that fish is good for both the physical and mental health. Good habits are established early so therefore I am keen to support seafood projects that give children the knowledge and good experiences.’
Despite Norway having the largest fish farming and conventional fishing sectors in the northern hemisphere, its people are not eating enough seafood and this is particularly true among the younger generation.
The ministry said institutions, companies and other groups can apply for the funding, adding that efforts must be focused on children and young people.
It also wants to create pride and enhance the reputation of the country’s aquaculture and fishing industries.
An official statement added: ‘The industry and fisheries ministry want to support initiatives that focus on children and young people as they are the seafood consumers of the future.’