New measures to assure seafood expo safety

AS more companies indicate withdrawing  from the big Seafood Expo Global following the terrorist bombings in Brussels, a number of new measures are being brought in to assure visitors.
The tourist organisation has opened a  hotline to answer questions regarding transportation in the city for those visiting the event. The hotline can be reached at +32 2 551 54 73 – from 8am (GMT +1) to 9pm during the week and from 9am (GMT +1) to 6pm during the weekend.
The organisers, Diversified Communications,  say that with  this initiative, will be able to assist any participants of Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global looking for  transportation information and to explain how to efficiently reach the city from an alternative airport.
Meanwhile, it has just been announced that a  free shuttle service will be offered between Lille (France), Liege, Charleroi, Antwerp and the Brussels expo centre. More information will be sent as soon as it becomes available.
Zaventem Airport, the scene of one of the bombings,   partially re-opened at the weekend with a limited number of flights which is expected to increase gradually..
Last week the big Icelandic deep sea fishing and fish processing company HB Grandi announced that it would not be exhibiting at the show in the interests of those employees who were planning to attend. Since then at least two Alaskan seafood companies and at least one Norwerhian salmon farmer  have decided to withdraw. . More could follow although Diverse Communications says the number of cancellations at what is arguably the largest seafood event of its kind in the world  amounts to less than  two per cent so far.  Scottish seafood  companies said at the weekend that as things stand they will be attending.
Brussels has also been booked for 2017, but there is a possibility that decision could yet change. Meanwhile,  Diverse Communications said it was working closely  with the city and expo authorities to include a complimentary city shuttle for the three day event which runs from April 26-28th.