Middle East platform for fish farmers

THE first Middle East Aquaculture Forum, to be held at the World Trade Centre in Dubai from April 5-6, promises to be an exciting platform for fish farming experts.
It has so far attracted more than 100 abstracts and over 30 sponsors have been confirmed.
‘Towards Sustainable Aquaculture in the Middle East’ will be the theme of the event, which will focus on vital industry issues affecting the key Middle Eastern aquaculture producing countries.
Plenary speaker Ahmad Al Ballaa, managing director of National Aquaculture Group and chairman of the Saudi Aquaculture Society, said: ‘Aquaculture has a pivotal role to play in global food future.
‘Conservative estimates indicate that output from aquaculture must at least double to meet the demand for aquatic protein by 2050.
‘With a current population of more than 400 million, the Middle East region has an increasingly important role to play in this future, in both the demand and the supply side.
‘In order to meet that future opportunity, we must however develop aquaculture responsibly.
‘Contributions at MEAF from world renowned experts and local farmers on their hard earned lessons in issues such as rearing practices, disease management, diversification and markets will provide valuable information which will dramatically shorten the costly learning curve for new ventures in the region.
‘This forum will be the first of many such meetings that will offer an important and timely opportunity for researchers, governments and investors to jointly develop a road map for sustainable aquaculture in the region.’
Presentations will cover:
–         Nutrition: Dr Albert Tacon will give a plenary presentation on ‘’Future feeds for a growing aquaculture sector in a hungry world’, with Dr Muhammed Alsaiady from Arasco feed company delivering the keynote presentation of the nutrition session.
–         Industry: Eng. Ahmad Al Ballaa will give a plenary presentation on the first day of the event.
–         Synbiotics and probiotics: Professor Einar Ringo will give the keynote presentation showing the latest results in this field.
–         Outlook of Aquaculture in the Region: latest updates will be provided by Dr Haydar Alsahtout.
–         Dr Farshad Shischensian (president Asia Pacific Chapter of the World Aquaculture Society) will talk about ‘The status of shrimp farming and new advance systems in Asia’.
–         Dr Sherif Sadek will deliver a talk on ‘The concept of integration of aquaculture and agriculture in the Middle East’. This presentation will focus on the culture of various species using fresh ground water (tilapia/catfish/carp/freshwater prawn) and/or brackishwater (red tilapia/blue tilapia/seabream/seabass/shrimp).
The forum will be hosting workshops, industry presentations and an exhibition for aquaculture suppliers and producers and is sponsored by the European Aquaculture Society (EAS) and the World Aquaculture Society (WAS), with the Arab Aquaculture Society (AAS), the Pakistani Aquaculture Society (PAS) and the Saudi Arab Aquaculture Society (SAAS) as affiliate sponsors.
In the framework of the Middle East Aquaculture Forum, a separate Aquafeed Workshop will be organised on 7 April, also at the World Trade Centre in Dubai.