Massachusetts in new state seafood drive

THE US east coast state of Massachussetts has launched a seafood marketing programme aimed at increasing awareness and demand for local products and supporting its fishing and seafood industries.
State governor Charlie Baker said: ‘Through the Seafood Marketing Programme, we will work with commercial fishermen, seafood processors, retailers, restaurants and fishing communities to promote the sale of sustainably harvested Massachusetts seafood products both locally and in markets around the world.
‘Our administration is committed to ensuring the future viability of the Commonwealth’s commercial fishing industry and creating a vibrant food economy in Massachusetts.’
Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito said: ‘Massachusetts’ commercial fishing industry and fishing ports contribute significantly to our economy, and are an essential part of our state’s history and culture.
‘The Seafood Marketing Programme is an important effort to support this iconic and valuable industry and our coastal communities.’
Managed by the Department of Fish and Game’s (DFG) Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF), the programme will educate people on seafood availability, preparation, health benefits, economic contribution and environmental sustainability through printed material, events, partnerships and more. Legislators, agency heads and industry members comprise the program’s steering committee.
‘Massachusetts fishermen and distributors are part of a 400-year-old tradition of providing delicious, healthy seafood locally and globally,’ said energy and environmental minister Matthew Beaton.
‘It is imperative that we support them during this time when much of the fishing industry.’
The new seafood marketing programme chose the Boston Seafood Festival to launch because the event celebrates the commercial fishing heritage of Massachusetts while highlighting the significant infrastructure that is the Boston Fish Pier.
State representative Susan Gifford said: ‘Here in Massachusetts, we all know that we have the best seafood, not only in the country but worldwide. We just need to do more to get the word out and this new marketing program will start that process.’