Marine Harvest trial for first OXE Diesel outboard

MARINE Harvest has signed a deal for the first viable diesel outboard engine for the commercial sector.
The 200hp OXE Diesel will undergo trials on board a work boat at Marine Harvest’s salmon farm off Colonsay in the Hebrides.
Made by Supacat Group company, MDS Marine, OXE Diesel allows outboard engines to be used where petrol engines are prohibited on safety grounds, such as for most naval applications.
As well as offering lower maintenance and a longer service life, diesel offers lower fuel consumption and can be safely stored on site and above ground for easy access.
‘OXE is the first diesel with the horsepower to meet our requirements and subject to the satisfactory outcome of the trial, enables Marine Harvest Scotland to benefit from significant cost and logistic advantages in the remote areas where Marine Harvest operates,’ said Colin Whitehead, engineering Manager (south), Marine Harvest.
‘In the Scottish Highlands and Islands petrol stations are scarce and prices are some of the highest in the UK.
‘Marine Harvest is a prestigious launch customer for OXE and confirms there is a strong demand for a powerful diesel engine from the commercial sector, where there are compelling benefits in terms of logistics, cost and safety.
Jeremy Paul, general manager of Hampshire based MDS Marine, said it will receive the first production units in spring 2016.
OXE Diesel has the highest power density of any marine diesel and offers the range and performance to operate in the extreme environments required by commercial operators.
It also incorporates a unique self-contained belt propulsor unit (S-BPU) that eliminates the traditional high maintenance bevel gears and transfer shafts by utilising the latest belt drive technology.
It uses a conventional automotive engine block adapted for marine use.  Unlike most outboards OXE is mounted horizontally, which improves reliability and reduces maintenance.