Lower salmon prices dent Norwegian exports

NORWEGIAN seafood exports fell by six per cent, or some 318 million Norwegian kroners (NOK), last month, suggesting lower salmon prices are having an effect.
Exports for February totalled NOK 5.1 billion.
Geir Bakkevoll, communications director at the Norwegian Seafood Council, said: ‘Norway exported significantly more seafood in February 2015 than is normal for this month, although somewhat less than the record set last February.
‘This is due primarily to salmon prices being lower than the very high prices of February 2014. Norway exported white fish worth more than NOK 1 billion, and codfish in particular has achieved good prices.
‘Despite this, February has been marked by extreme coastal weather, which has resulted in lower fishing volumes, combined with the fact that the large export volumes of clipfish for the Brazilian Easter celebrations occurred in January, not February.’
Salmon exports were worth NOK 3.3 billion in February. This is an increase of NOK 80 million, or two per cent, compared with February 2014.
The price for fresh whole salmon dropped from NOK 47.59 per kg to NOK 42.21 per kg. Volumes in February are above the levels for February 2014 for most uses of salmon, at almost 73,000 tonnes.
France, Poland and the UK are the biggest importers of salmon from Norway. In February, trout exports fell by 27 per cent to an export total of NOK 145 million.
Poland and Japan were the main markets for trout in February.
Exports of herring totalled NOK 158 million, a decrease of NOK 39 million, or 20 per cent, compared to February 2014.
Egypt and Germany were the main markets for herring in February.
Mackerel exports fell by NOK 80 million, or 28 per cent, in February to total NOK 210 million.
China and Turkey were the biggest importers of mackerel.
Exports of fresh cod, including cod fillets, increased in February by NOK 18 million, or six per cent, year-on-year, to NOK 299 million.
Norway exported codfish worth NOK 44 million in February. Exported volume totalled 1,409 tonnes.
Frozen codfish exports declined by 16 per cent to NOK 149 million in February.
The EU was the biggest importer of fresh and frozen cod, with a value of NOK 291 million and NOK 112 million respectively.