Loch Duart seals Ewos feed deal

SCOTTISH salmon farmer Loch Duart has renewed its contract with aqua feed supplier Ewos, it was announced today. The two companies are signing a three-year deal for a bespoke salmon feed.
With its high marine content, the unique Loch Duart feed provides a diet that mimics the natural one of wild salmon as closely as possible.
Both companies are committed to supporting the rural locations, in the Hebrides and Sutherland, in which Loch Duart works, and Ewos will contribute a substantial sum, based on the amount of fish food purchased, to a fund that goes directly towards supporting these communities.
Alban Denton, managing director of Loch Duart, said: ‘Two key parts of our success are great taste and our commitment to sustainability.
‘High quality feed from sustainable sources is ‘a given’.  We seek so much more from our partners and Ewos are providing that.
‘The search for better, innovative farming is in our DNA and our feed company’s expertise is vital on this journey.
‘In addition, it’s fantastic that Ewos is donating a significant sum to a new, jointly administered fund for projects in our local communities.’
David Morrice, country director of Ewos/Cargill Aqua Nutrition said: ‘Over the years, the supply of salmon feed to Loch Duart has brought a range of good things to this plant and this company.
‘Loch Duart’s demands for sustainable, healthy ingredients and the sharing of that transparency with their customers has brought us and the feed industry forward significantly.
‘We appreciate Loch Duart’s commitment to great tasting salmon and we look forward to working with their new Scottish food ambassador, chef Patrick Evans, on events which promote the health and taste benefits of Loch Duart’s incredibly high quality feed.’