Icelandic Group profits on the up

THE Icelandic Group, whose UK brand leader is Saucy Fish, has announced a rise in profits following the purchase of its second quarter results.
The company said sales were up by almost 12 per cent at 165.75 million euros. The operating profit also rose substantially to 3.41 million euros while pre-tax profits emerged at the increased figure 2.25 million euros.
Last year the company’s Grimsby based business Icelandic Seachill announced a major restructuring, which included a withdrawal from most ready meals.
It also led to a number of job cuts. But Icelandic Seachill continues to provide the retail trade with a wide range of other products.
However, the retail jewel in the company’s crown is undoubtedly the Saucy Fish brand, which has not only become a big success in the UK, but has expanded into the United States and last month made its debut in Belgium.
Saucy Fish has just been voted one of the UK’s coolest brands for the third year running, alongside such icons as Adidas and Pret a Manger.
The 2015-16 Coolbrands list is the result of an extensive voting process involving opinion formers and some 2,500 members of the public.
Among the factors looked for are authenticity, innovation and originality. Coolbrands says the new rankings, led by Apple, underlines Saucy Fish’s allure within the country. Competition is substantial, with thousands of brands across many sectors considered by the voters.