GSI launches first progress report

THE Global Salmon Initiative launched its inaugural progress report, ‘Building the Foundation for a Sustainable Future’ at the recent AquaSur 2014 in Chile.
This is the first report to come from the industry-led collective, and highlights its approach and progress towards advancing significant improvements in the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the salmon farming industry.
The release of the report comes just over a year since GSI was formally launched in August 2013, and coincided with the Pathways to Sustainability seminar at AquaSur 2014, at which GSI member CEOs spoke.
‘As we reflect on our successful first year, we are very proud to release this progress report, which shares what we have been working on’, said Ricardo Garcia, GSI co-chair and CEO of Camancha, on the day the report was released.
‘We now prepare for AquaSur 2014, where we will be taking the stage with major industry players and our partners WWF, FAO and Rabobank to discuss the biggest challenges the industry faces looking ahead to 2020.
‘We will also discuss the pathways in which we can collectively improve industry sustainability, while continuing to keep in mind the critical challenge of providing the highest quality protein to the world’s consumers.’
The report provides an overview of the initiative’s current activities, and highlights progress in improving biosecurity, sourcing sustainable feed, achieving the ASC standard, building partnerships and enhancing transparency in reporting and communications.
In addition to the growth of its membership, and expansion into three new farming regions, key 2013–2014 highlights reflected in the report include:
•             13 GSI salmon farms have achieved the rigorous ASC standard certification
•             All GSI member companies are actively working to raise industry standards and plan for future certification
•             New biosecurity protocols have been developed and implemented, as a result of knowledge and best-practice sharing across companies and regions. Such action has resulted in a reduced sea lice count for this period in Chile
•             Efforts to source and evaluate sustainable feed through alternative EPA+DHA-rich resources have been initiated
•             GSI is developing a reporting dashboard that will track progress towards key environmental and social indicators, as well as report progress towards the ASC standard
GSI, now comprising 18 salmon producers across 9 countries, has also released a short film to accompany the report. The film shares the story behind the creation of GSI, the importance of its mandate, and its key achievements to date.
‘We want those in our industry and beyond to understand the importance and impact GSI’s efforts are having on improving the sustainability of salmon farming’, said Jon Hindar, GSI co-chair and CEO of Cermaq.
‘The ability to create a prosperous future for our industry depends on our success in continuing to cultivate change and improve the way things have been done.
‘Over the past year, GSI has proven that we can come together and do just that, but despite significant progress we still have a way to go.’