Grimsby seafood firm lands Ocado deal

A GRIMSBY seafood company is celebrating landing a contract with the world’s largest online food retailer.
JCS Fish has secured the deal with Ocado, which has supplied some of the country’s biggest supermarket chains in the past.
The deal is a major coup for this innovative Grimsby salmon company, which employs between 35 and 40 people.
Potentially, the sky is the limit, but the deal is certain to provide a significant sales boost, especially with salmon being hailed as a ‘health superfood’.
‘Everyone here at JCS Fish is delighted,’ director Louise Coulbeck said. ‘It is brilliant news.’
Founded 15 years ago, Ocado has provided an online platform for some of Britain’s big supermarket names, but is now huge in its own right as a retailer.
JCS Fish was founded the same year as Ocado by Andrew Coulbeck and his wife Louise. It was named in honour of the original owner, the late Jack Carlisle Smith, who was a renowned expert on salmon.
The company has since evolved into one of the UK’s leading companies, specialising in salmon under its ‘Big Fish’ brand.
It sells mainly ‘freezer to plate’ salmon fillets, sourced from fish farms in Scotland, Norway and the Faroe Islands. It has won a number of awards in the past.
The company said: ‘We aim to bring a fresh, dynamic approach to help our customers make the most of salmon as the most delicious, healthy and readily available fish.’