Grimsby to honour trawler veterans

RETIRED trawlermen from the Grimsby area will tomorrow night be recognised at a reunion evening to be held at the town’s Fishing Heritage Centre.
The event is being organised by the centre and the Fishermen’s Mission, and up to 200 former deep sea fishermen, most now well into their seventies, are expected to attend.
The guests will have exclusive use of the centre and Ross Tiger trawler for the evening and will enjoy guided talks, music and free food and refreshments.
Local councillor Jane Hyldon-King: ‘I’m delighted we are able to honour these men in this way. Their part in the history and prosperity of this area is immense.
‘At the first Fishermen’s Night event, the ex-fishermen will be presented with their Skipper’s Ticket, which is the council’s gift to them, giving them unlimited free admission to the centre and Ross Tiger and a 50 per cent discount to their families. Those local fishermen who do not yet have this ticket will also have an opportunity to receive one at this year’s reunion.’
Dave Ornsby, education and outreach officer at the Fishing Heritage Centre, said: ‘The initial idea for the event came after staff from the Heritage Centre attended an event at the Fisherman’s Chapel.
‘We were keen to work closer with the Mission and decided to host this night out of respect of what the trawlermen have achieved.
‘The Trawlerman’s Night highlights that the centre is here for them and has people that think of them and respect their efforts.’
Tony Jewitt, superintendent at Grimsby’s Fishermen’s Mission, said: ‘This is a wonderful opportunity on several fronts; firstly, to highlight the ongoing work at the Fishermen’s Mission in Grimsby and the variety of help available to ex seafarers.
‘Secondly, to educate the local area of our fishing heritage with some wonderful exhibits, including our beloved Ross Tiger, and to also meet up with old crew members, whether they are skippers, mates or deckies (deckhands).’