Grieg loses 21,700 fish from Skye site

GRIEG Seafood lost about 21,700 salmon in an escape from its Loch Snizort site, near Skye, the company said.
The fish, weighing an average 2kg, escaped through a hole in a net, discovered by a diver during a routine check at the farm on February 11. A report was submitted to the government agency Marine Scotland.
Grieg Seafood, headquartered in Norway, has seven pens in Loch Snizort, where it grows more than 400,000 salmon. Most of the farmer’s UK operations are around Shetland.
Grant Cumming, Grieg’s managing director, said: ‘Our priority is to prevent escape and a temporary mend to secure net was immediately applied.
‘Marine Scotland were informed of the incident and the net was repaired the same day. Since then we have counted the fish in the net and regrettably estimate that we have lost 21,700 fish. The fish were in good health and had not received any medicines lately.
‘We are conducting an in-depth investigation to discover the root cause of the breach in the net to ensure it does not reoccur.’