Global seafood suppliers home in on Young's

YOUNG’S Seafood this weekend brought together some 50 key suppliers to discuss the company’s vision and strategy for the future.
The delegates came from six continents to hear about the company’s integrated supply chain strategy.
Speaking at the conference near Grimsby, Young’s chief executive  Pete Ward said: ‘In today’s challenging market place, the strength and skills of our key suppliers, along with the service, quality, value, scale, innovation and corporate social responsibility credentials we offer play an increasingly crucial role.
‘I believe that by working together collaboratively we can leverage the benefits available to a vertically integrated operation, offering the best quality and best value fish and seafood to our customers and consumers.
‘Here, at Young’s Seafood, we call this virtual integration and we’re pleased to have the opportunity to discuss the next phase of this approach with so many of our suppliers today as part of our collective communications strategy.
‘For virtual integration to work successfully there are some prerequisites, including shared values, trust and openness, mutual benefits, partnership supported by a long-term relationship.
‘These elements are the backbone that makes a reality of the phrase: together we are stronger.
‘Today we are offering more of our suppliers the opportunity to come on a journey with us and drive mutually beneficial, sustainable change.’
Stuart Caborn, purchasing director at Young’s, said: ‘We are delighted to be able to outline the new phase of our virtual integration strategy to so many of our key partners from the supply chain.
‘This supply chain engagement event is a great opportunity to discuss how more of our suppliers can work in a new way with Young’s.
‘These new virtual integration initiatives will contribute to the future success of all those involved and ensure we continue to provide the best service, and the best fish dishes, to our customers and consumers.’
Delegates travelled from a number of countries to attend the conference, including Japan, Vietnam, Russia, China, the US, Norway, Iceland and a number of other European countries, as well as the UK.
They took part in discussions on new mutually beneficial opportunities to drive efficiencies by working more collaboratively with the Grimsby based company.
Presentations were made by Pete Ward and several senior management.