Fish Update Briefing Friday January 22

NORWAY is the largest fishing country in Europe, followed by Iceland, according to the latest figures from the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation. But globally China is top of the list. In 2013 the world catch was 93.8 million tonnes, 1.4 million tonnes more than the year before, says the FAO. Most of the catch was in the Pacific Ocean. The most caught species is the Peruvian anchovy (anchoveta) as in previous years. The second most caught species is Alaska pollock. The largest part of the world catch was caught in Asian territories, the second most off the American continents and Europe was third.
THE jobs crisis in the North Sea offshore energy industry brought about by the crash in oil prices is currently attracting people from this sector into the fishing industry. According to the website crews who once worked on North Sea supply vessels which have been laid up are applying for jobs on fishing trawlers. Norway’s seafood sector is currently enjoying a boom thanks to rising export sales and rising prices for species such as cod, haddock and halibut. The market for Norwegian seafood, both wild caught and farmed, is at an all time high.
IN yet another report which labels fish as a wonder food a study in Spain has found that when mothers eat at least three fairly large portions of fish a week during pregnancy it improves the brain functions of their children. Jordi Julves from the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology in Barcelona, said seafood is known to be an important source of vital nutrients for brain development. Other studies, however, have cautioned pregnant mothers against eating any fish which may be high in mercury.
A STRANGE looking fish with legs has been discovered by a group of pleasure divers  in waters off New Zealand’s North Island. It is described as being about ten inches long with a black spiny skin, a pair of fins but it also has two legs which scientists say help to propel it along. They believe it could be a hitherto form of frogfish which are found in that part of the world. The creature has been taken away for detailed examination