Europêche management confirmed for another two years

AT its General Assembly held yesterday, Europêche confirmed the mandate of its President, Javier Garat, for another two years. Garat is Secretary general of CEPESCA, the Spanish Fishing Confederation.
The four Vice-presidents also re-elected for the same period are: Barrie Deas; Marc Ghiglia; Gerard Van Balsfoort; and Luigi Giannini. Niels Wichmann was appointed Treasurer of the Association.
During the debates, Europêche underlined the following major objectives and priorities:
– Enabling fluent communication between the European institutions and the fishing sector, contributing positively to the political debate by using the expertise of fishing professionals
– Maintaining active participation in the Committee on social sectoral dialogue in the seafishing sector
– Contributing to overcoming the difficulties of the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy regarding important pieces of legislation such as the landing obligation and the driftnet Regulation
– Effectively integrating the three pillars of sustainability; environment, social and economic into EU policy making
Europêche is the representative body for fishermen in the European Union representing around 45,000 vessels, both artisanal and large scale, 80,000 fishermen and counting 16 member organisations from 10 European countries.