Ebola education for fishermen in Ghana

THE Ghanaian Metropolitan Health Directorate is educating fishermen and some fishermen in the Tema Metropolis on the deadly Ebola virus in attempt to contain the disease.
A report by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation stated that they have been taken through measures for preventing and protecting against the disease, as well as recognising the symptoms.
In an interview on Ghanaian radio, Dr John Tabani, Metro Health Director, explained that whilst it is challenging for Ghana to be coping with both cholera and ebola, the authorities are working tirelessly to educate the public, especially fishermen, who tend to be returning from outwith the country.
The fishermen are being given information about the source of ebola which, they are being told, has already hit other West African countries.
Fishermen returning from expeditions in canoes are also being screened for the disease.