‘Don’t eat fish off back of lorry’ warning

COUNCIL officials in Belfast were continuing to issue health warnings yesterday after hundreds of mackerel were scattered along one of the city’s streets.
The road became slippery after a lorry shed part of its load on Saturday night, but the clean-up operation has now been completed.
Residents in the area were also warned not to eat the fish if they picked them up because it was considered unsafe.
A Belfast council spokesman said: ‘We would strongly advise against the consumption of food where you are not clear as to its source or if it is safe to eat.
‘In any event, there is a possibility of the fish being contaminated through direct contact with the road, rendering it unfit for human consumption.’
The spokesman said the council’s environmental health team had removed more than 600 fish from the area around the Ravenhill Road and My Lady’s Road.
Immediately after the incident on Saturday many people went out to pick up the oily fish, with some of them saying they planned to put them in the fridge and cook them later. This alarmed city health officials who immediately sent out a warning.
The police said:  ‘We have identified the lorry and its company but as it took place at a weekend we had to wait until Monday before we could contact anyone. The driver did not stop. It may have been the case that the driver was not aware of what happened.’