Data gathering to help aquaculture

THE European aquaSmart project is coming to Dublin from November 4-5 to address problems that aquaculture producers face.
It aims to help fish farmers to: lower production costs; improve profitability; improve operational efficiency; and carry out business in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way.
AquaSmart helps fish farmers to transform captured data into knowledge and use this newly acquired knowledge to improve performance.
It also supports the production and benchmarking process through secure access to global data, thus making predictive analysis a reality for the fish farmers.
At the Grand Hotel, Malahide, Co Dublin, the project partners will demonstrate software components that complement the workings of the project.
The project consortium is interested in meeting the Irish and UK fish farming community on November 4 to hold discussions on the project concepts.
Through engagement at this event, the consortium aims to gather more in-depth insights to enhance the existing knowledge from participating aquaculture producers in the project, such as Andromeda (Spain), Ardag Cooperative Agricultural Society (Israel) and Grammos (Greece), and therefore further help the industry.
The project consortium also includes TSSG (Ireland and project leaders), JSI (Slovenia), I2S (Greece), Q-Validus (Ireland) and UNINOVA (Portugal).